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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  May 4, 2017 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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stream tv on the fios mobile app, data-free. get the best. go to tonight, trump's health care victory. republicans take the biggest step ever in the seven-year quest to replace obamacare. democrats up in arms and what it means for you. new airline outrage. the latest viral incident on a plane, why a family says they were threatened with having their children ken away before delta kicked them off. truck attack alert, the tsa raises concern over a growing terror tactic. lyme disease warning, new fears cases could sore this year. how to protect yourself and your family. spinning out of control. why the toy craze kids love is being banned by some schools and stepping in style, the girl whose new look has made her a big hit at school, and now around the world.
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>> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. after seven years of trying, republicans can finally claim a win tonight in their drive to repeal obamacare and president trump can finally claim a legislative win, ca camicam claiming a major legislative win. turning marches embarrassing health care defeat into victory wrangling just enough votes from reluctant members, republican leaders helped by a push from the president managed to see through passage president trump and house republicans gathered at the white house for what was a se celebrating dance in
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kristen welker has details. >> reporter: tonight, president trump taking a victory lap. >> this is a repeal and replace of obamacare, make no mistake about it. >> reporter: it's only a first step but mr. trump turned it into a made for tv celebration, flanked by republicans in the rose garden. >> how am i doing? am i doing okay? i'm president. hey, i'm president. can you believe it, right? i don't know. it's -- i thought you needed a little bit more time they always told me, more time, but we didn't. >> reporter: the event came after a dramatic vote in the house that went down to the wire. >> the is are 217 and nays are 213. >> reporter: republicans jubilant, they say the bill will lower premiums but democrats warning people could lose coverage. >> i guess their desire to give a tax break for the rich just trumped everything. >> reporter: on the house floor, some even singing and waving good-bye to house republicans saying they will be voted out of office for supporting the bill and outside, chants of shame.
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shame! shame! >> reporter: what does the bill do? republicans say it will lower the price you pay for health care, two popular obamacare provisions remain. children can stay on the parents' plan until 26 and caps on annual and lifetime coverage are prohibited. what is changing? it scraps the individual mandate meaning you're no longer required to have health insurance and changes the way people with preexisting conditions are covered. states can opt out of requiring insurers to cover people with preexisting conditions, $8 billion in federal funds will help them pay for the increased costs and the controversial medicaid expansion will be frozen immediately, instead, each state will get a fixed amount of money every year to help pay for lower income americans. >> under this plan the winners are younger, healthier and higher income people. the losers are those who are lower income, have preexisting conditions and certainly older americans. >> reporter: the
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vowed to overhaul obamacare for seven years and their first shot at it failed spectacularly in march. >> we did not have quite the votes to replace this law. >> reporter: since then, republican lawmakers have faced fierce backlash from angry constituents at home. >> obamacare saved my life. >> reporter: tonight, the president one step closer to making good on the pledge that helped sweep him into office. >> you break it, you own it and anyone that loses their health care as a result of this will blame republicans. >> reporter: the bottom line, nothing has changed with your health insurance yet. the bill is heading to the senate where the president can only afford to lose support from two republicans. the ones to watch, moderates whose constituents are more likely to support obamacare. senate leadership saying they may need to rework the entire bill and a vote could be months away. lester? >> kristen welker at the white house tonight, thank you. health care not the only issue on the president's agenda. hene
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how government strikes the balance between church and state. peter alexander is in manhattan where the president is tonight, hello, peter. >> reporter: lester, good evening. president trump returning to his hometown of new york city for the first time since taking office. at the white house flanked by faith leaders, the president signed an executive order allowing religious leaders more political speech and allowing federal agencies to drop obamacare's mandate that religious groups provide contraceptive coverage in the health insurance plans and president trump announcing the first foreign trip with stops in saudi arabia, israel and a trip to the vatican where he will meet with the pope. critical of his proposed border wall, back here at the museum on the island of manhattan, this is a decommissioned aircraft carrier and the president is being greeted by loud crowds
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scheduled to have the first face-to-face visit with the prime minister of australia, one of the best allies who mr. trump criticized during a testy phone call earlier this year. lester. >> peter alexander in new york tonight, thank you. now to yet another public relations mess for the airlines industry based on a disturbing video. delta the latest major airline to spark outrage in the past month after bumping a family with two toddlers from a flight from hawaii to los angeles and even threatening to have the parents arrested and the children sent to foster care. nbc's tom costello has more. >> reporter: brian sheer's wife captured the incident on video posting edited portions online. >> i paid for this seat. i bought this seat. >> reporter: the family had bought a ticket for thei theitheir their teenage son but decided to put him on another flig s
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the seat. they claim delta agents agreed and scanned the ticket. once on board with other passengers on the stand by list, delta agents said the toddler could not stay and threatened the family with arrest for not obeying. >> that's fine. >> so this is a fed are offense. federal offense. >> reporter: then another employee said in correctly that faa rules don't allow 2-year-olds to sit in car seats. >> with him being two, he cannot sit in a car seat. he needs -- that's the purpose he has to sit in your arms the whole time. >> reporter: in th >> reporter: in tnot true. the faa encourages car seats and no age restriction. the sheer family then told to leave. >> i got two infants and my wife with nowhere to stay. no more flights. are we going to sleep in the airport? >> at this point, you guys are on your own. >> when you're a mother and you have a 1-year-old and 2-year-old and they threaten to take your kids away from you, it made my heart drop and i was shaking the rest of the time. >> reporter: the sheers paid for a hotel and another flight home and in a statement delta apologized for the unfortunate experience and said it reached out to them to refund travel and provide additional compensation.
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airline industry a black eye and on the second day of congressional hearing. >> if we required all executives to fly on the back of the plane, the consumer experience would be much better. >> reporter: the latest p.r. mess the weeks before the start of a summer travel season when millions of families will try to fly together hoping for friendly skies. tom costello , nbc news, washington. turning to the department of homeland security and a growing number of terror attacks around the world using trucks as weapons. the new bulletin urges trucking companies and drivers to be vigilant as a defense that's a makeshift weapon of terror. we get more from nbc's pete williams. >> reporter: the latest attack came last month when a man stole a beer truck, drove it into a shopping area and plowed into a department store. that brought to 173. the number of people killed in terror attacks using trucks since 2014. 667 others were
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injured in 17 vehicle ramming attacks. the worst nice, france last year 87 killed. the u.s. is not immune. plowing into students at ohio state last fall causing injuries with a car, not a truck. the advisory requires vigilants from the trucking industry. >> there is concern down in the field, out in the operations people are not paying attention there is a complacency because there are not trucks used as weapons. >> reporter: keep trucks locked while parked and in slow-moving traffic and instruct drivers never to pick up hitchhikers. report suspicious efforts to rent big trucks just before events that draw large crowds. security experts recommend that cities build truck barriers into the landscaping like these big concrete planters that surround many government buildings. the american trucking association says the industry already does what the advisory
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recommends, uses specialized locks and gives drivers regular security training though some drivers say it hasn't reached them. >> no formal training, just basic knowledge. you got to protect your environment, protect your stuff. >> reporter: all the more important says homeland security with isis renewing calls to use trucks as weapons. pete williams, nbc news, washington. yet more rain and dangerous flooding are affecting millions in parts of midwest and south tonight. at least nine flooding related deaths have been reported and hundreds of homes have been destroyed or damaged. nbc's blake mccoy has the latest from hard-hit missouri. >> reporter: tonight, parts of flood missouri and arkansas prolonging the agony for homeowners like john shoe with a mote forming around his home, he's keeping faith. the water is about half a mile away. >> and now?
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>> now i got to look for property. >> reporter: basement after basement tonight flooded. 90 state highways shut down in missouri alone. in arkansas breached levees have sent thousands of residents fleeing to higher ground. severe storms today have also toppled trees across the south. satellite images show the incredible ground saturation these storms have caused. flood records are still being broken. in eureka, missouri, this is what it looked like as volunteers scrambled earlier in the week to protect homes and businesses. tonight, this stretch of the river has finally begun to reseedc.e.d.e. >> on this side, water was to about here. >> reporter: relief for one town as swollen rivers creep ever so slowly south. folks here are finally getting some relief from the weather. the rain is moving out. sunny days are ahead. but as you can t
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until next week before the rivers return to normal. lester? >> blake mccoy, thank you. for hours this morning royal watchers were in a frenzy about a meeting and unexpected announcement at buckingham palace. the news came prince phillip will give phillip will give up most of his royal duty this falthis fall this ft. duty this falthis fall this f . more from keir simmons in london. >> the duke increasingly frail will you ready with a joke today. for decades the naval office stood beside the queen but the pal -- palace announcing starting in september on many official ocho ca -- occasions he will be missing.
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he'll be missing. >> he's been my strength and stay for all these years. >> i think that will continue. >> reporter: there were rumors of affairs and bitter fights depicted in the netflix series "the crown." phillip feels shunned by the royal court. >> the grail to them, they hate me. >> reporter: and privately describing the crisis surrounding princess dianna's death as a nightmare. helping his children and grandchildren through it. >> the queen isn't going to be on the thrown forever. there is a notion of preparing the world for king charles and queen camilla. >> reporter: a generational change. expect to see more of william and hear less of his grandfather's inappropriate humor. sometimes branded as sexist and racist. the front page of one british newspaper tonight, thank you, philip. his greatest achievement, simply being there for his wife, queen elizabeth, lester. >> keir simmons from london tonight. >>
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warning as summertime fast approaches, experts predict this season will be an especially bad one for ticks and lyme disease. the cdc estimates 300 cases occur annually. kristen dahlgren explains how to protect yourself. >> reporter: in the woods north of new york city, recenters are on the hunt for ticks, tons of them in what's predicted to be one of the most prolific years on record. they know because of these guys. >> we saw an absolute plague of white-footed mice last summer. >> reporter: like deer, mice spread ticks. >> the year after a big mouse boom is a large population of infected ticks. >> reporter: lyme disease is on the rise nationwide. this is where the disease was diagnose in 2011. this was 2015. had you ever thought about ticks before here? >> no, n
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lives in michigan where lyme cases are up 500%. for the competitive figure skater and college student, the muscle aches, fatigue and memory loss are devastating. >> i graduated in like the top 35 of my class and now i'm almost like about to lose my scholarship in college because of it. >> reporter: a few months ago, she found a tick but her doctor scoffed at the idea of lyme here. telling breanna's mom >> he says no, she has a better chance of having syphilis. >> reporter: they can be smaller than a poppy seed. you wouldn't know that's on you. >> no. >> reporter: so researchers recommend frequent tick checks and light colored pants with socks tucked into socks and tucked into socks an pay attention to flu-like similar tons and a bull's eye rash. a dire warning in a year expected to be one of the worst yet
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unitedhealth group. built for better health. a milestone to report tonight that shows just how dominant cell phones have become in our lives. a survey by the cdc found for the first time, more than half the homes in this country rely only on cell phones. almost 51% have given up their land lines a real sign of the times. once upon a time, there were yo yos and tops, fads that kids just had to have. today it's another kind of spinning toy, if you have young children in your life you probably know what we're talking about. some say they calm nerves but joe fryer reports they are now getting on the nerves of others. >> reporter: it's not even the holidays and this toy twirled into our lives.
7:23 pm
only cost a few bucks, some toy stores keep them behind the counter. >> we get calls all day, do you have spinners in stock? do you have spinners in stock? thank goodness, we can't find them anywhere. >> reporter: to some kids, they are more than a toy. >> stop it and just spin it again. >> reporter: morgan preston rumble says they ease her anxiety when they are taking a test or visiting the dentist. >> helped me like get my mind off the fact that there is like drills and stuff going into my teeth. really helps me calm down a lot. >> reporter: brother dillon spins them for fun but knows controversy is swirling, too. that prompted his school and others to become no spin zones banning the gadgets which concerns marks, her son has adhd and says they help him focus. >> teach the children what they are, what they are for, what their intended purpose is. >> reporter: experts say more research
7:24 pm
the spinners is needed. >> anything that might be a benefit for kids that could be as simple as this would be wonderful but let's understand it and make sure that it's helpful and perhaps not a distraction. >> reporter: a nationwide debate spiraling around a pocket-sized gizmo. >> when we come back, the unforgettable moment as a proud little girl shows off her new leg. the reaction from his classmates is a lesson in kindness. we'll be right back. are heade. because as we live longer... and markets continue to rise and fall... predictable is one thing you need in retirement to help protect what you've earned and ensure it lasts. introducing brighthouse financial. a new company established by metlife to specialize in annuities & life insurance. talk to your advisor about a brighter financial future.
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from england tonight a video that touched millions of people around the world today, including us. it shows a young girl arriving at her school with something new and the heart warming response from her classmates. here is nbc's bill neely. >> reporter: she's 7 years old and anu has something to show off. is that your new pink leg one friend asks? after the wows, the hugs. anu had her right leg amputated after birth, and she's worn a prosthetic leg ever since but this one is something else, not just pink, it's a specialized sports blade.
7:28 pm
and boy, can she run. and march. and also she says makes me do my street dancing faster. her father is thrilled. >> we actually broke into tears. it was such an emotional moment. when you see your kid is being well-accepted by her friends, what else you can expect for? >> the video has gone viral. we adults can learn from these kids. love this, what a snazzy leg. she's one of 500 children given blades free to enjoy sports. it's working red. bill neely, nbc news, london. a moment to feel really good about as we sign off here tonight. that is going to do it for us on a thursday. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and good night.
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right now, a new kind of high for miley for three weeks and why she and liam refell in love. >> who knows if it's love, but kardashian's new guy is 23. >> britney, paris, lindsey, ten years ago, a trio in free fall,


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